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Our Fire Assessment Center Testing and Training provides quality, realistic, and affordable evaluations that meet your expectations. With our competitive testing, you can ensure that your department is staffed with the best candidates.


FireACTT tests for public safety positions, from entry-level to promotional roles. We cover firefighters, law enforcement, corrections, inspectors, EMTs, paramedics, engineers, lieutenants, captains, and chiefs. Trust us for accurate and reliable assessments.


FireACTT consists of public safety professionals who have experience as both candidates and assessors in the assessment center process. Our team members' active service allows us to stay current with the latest trends.


Established in 2019, FireACTT provides high-quality training and assessment services to emergency responders, with the goal of improving their ability to serve their communities. Our team is committed to helping our clients achieve their objectives and enhance skills.

Ignite Change

FIREACTT offers cutting-edge assessment center testing and training specifically designed for public safety professionals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can you advance your organization.

Meet the Team

Meet our dynamic team dedicated to revolutionizing fire department assessment testing and training at FIREACTT.

FireACTT Swoosh
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